Embodiment School

I teach the art of intimacy — with oneself first and foremost; and with the Other. The Other manifests in our lives as a sacred partner — and beyond that, as the World itself.

Our natural state of being is presence in every moment, undivided awareness, and intimacy with all elements of life.

For this state to manifest naturally, we must have practices for cultivating our subtle body (also called the "energetic body" or the "yogic body"). The subtle body is a field emerging out of our body-mind, and reflects all of our experiences, integrated and not.

I call this the Lover's Body — and the way to manifesting it, Embodiment School.

It is a mystic school, in that it is oriented towards direct personal experience of an unspoken-yet-ultimate reality.

Workshops and coaching

I help people cultivate a strong energy body through talks, workshops, and 1-1 coaching. My teachings come from three sources: nei gong (Taoist inner work); traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga; and the science of holistic health.

Here are the main threads:

Cultivating the energy body

The attitudes and practices for developing a strong, vibrant, and resilient presence in the world — starting with physical culture and meditation, and progressing to philosophy and worldview.

Tantric consort relationships

Couple practices for relating to the other. How a relationship, in its transcendent aspect, can become an eternal meeting of souls.

Awakened male sexuality

Male sexuality is the key to a vibrant intimate relationship. Why is that?

Male sexual energy, if cultivated consciously, becomes the psychic force that has the power to awaken female sexual energy through intent and presence — and call it into its full power. This develops powerful sexual alchemy that can heal, and take the lovers on to a different plane of experience.

Integration of transcendental experiences

For many psychonauts, experiences received during plant medicine journeys can be unsettling and difficult to integrate during the waking hours. I help with past-ceremony integration and grounding of such experiences in the body-mind, so that your journeys can be beneficial and harmonious.

About me

My teaching is firmly is rooted in personal experience through 20+ years of practice.

My first mystical experiences came after an exposure to Zen Buddhist koans. My body-mind practices started with Hatha Yoga, progressed to Daoist internal arts, then Tantra Yoga.

I research original traditions to find undiluted versions of authentic teachings, and seek out teachers who teach potent, integrative practices with pure intent.


The state of freedom is the original state of your being; it can manifest at any point in time, and is attainable by anyone.

May all beings be free.

Header art: Tantric Marriage, by George Atherton.