Why am I starting Tejas Training?

Why am I starting this website?

First, I want to share some cool training methods, wonderful recipes and lifestyle strategies with the world. I want more people to experience the intoxicating rush of energy and well-being that comes when the basic elements of life (movement, rest, nutrition, meditation) are tended to.

Second, we are living through a transitional time. We can no longer afford to be unaware of the ways the choices we make today will influence the direction of our future. Many forces and agendas are competing to define what that future will be like.

Many forces and agendas are competing to re-define the very meaning of the word health. Or even what it means to be human!

Information entropy is increasing. Entropy is a measure of information decay — it's drift towards corruption, disorganisation, and chaos.

We need to revisit the basic premises of what is True, and re-affirm it through evidence-based research, critical thinking, and creative application.

One perspective that seems to be lacking is how interconnected everything is. Namely, how connected personal health is to the health of the greater whole — the planet.

One of my mentors, Paul Chek, says:

you cannot treat the Earth any better than you treat your own body.

That's why learning how to implement health in your own life is such a great place to start. The way to increase the health of the world is to move your own lifestyle in the right direction one habit at a time — on a daily basis.

By honoring the basics of movement, food, rest, and mental cultivation, you're setting up a powerful feedback loop that ends up benefiting you, everyone around you, and ultimately The Greater Whole.

Welcome to Tejas Training. I'm looking forward to the ride.

About the author

Vahagn Hay is a functional training and holistic lifestyle coach based in Copenhagen, Denmark.