Basic Roasted Leg Of Lamb

Leg of lamb is a classic Easter-time roast. Often, it is seasoned with a spice and herb rub prior to taking it to the oven. Or, it is coated with dressing containing herbs and / or spices; basically this is dry or wet seasoning to enhance flavor.

Basic Roasted Leg of Lamb
Basic Roasted Leg of Lamb

However, sometimes you just want to prepare a juicy, aromatic leg of lamb and decide on the flavoring afterwards (like, when you're serving the dish). Lamb is very flavorful as is, and after making this recipe you may just decide that you don't need (much) extra seasoning anyway.

To tease out maximum natural flavor, we will:

  1. Not make any cuts in the meat. This will keep the juice inside.
  2. Use a procedure akin to the one used in preparing pork roast.

The only extra ingredient we'll be using is salt. That, and a step-wise temperature adjustment will give us the result we want.


  • one leg of lamb
  • one topped tablespoon salt (use coarse organic, mineral salt).


Warm up the oven to 250 degrees. Grind the salt to semi-coarse. Place the leg of lamb inside a large glass casserole. Rub it with the salt, covering the entire surface. Cover with another glass casserole on top.

Place inside the oven and cook for:

  • half hour on 250 degrees (C)
  • reduce the heat to 200 degrees, and cook for another hour.

This will give the roast a nice crust while still keeping it juicy inside.

Remove from oven; wait for 5-10 minutes before cutting up, serve.

About the author

Vahagn Hay is a functional training and holistic lifestyle coach based in Copenhagen, Denmark.